Best Strategy - To Make $100 Daily

    Best Strategy will make you money upto $100 daily from the PTC Sites. To earn a good income from the PTC sites is based on the number of referrals you have. PTC Sites are not just a ‘Paid to Click’ sites, they are 'Commission Paying' sites. Earn commission from your direct and rented referrals to maximize your income.

        If you spend just 1hr - 2hr a day and apply this strategy, you can make upto $20-$40 daily per one PTC. First of all, you should join the some Trusted and Paying PTC Sites like 1.EasyHits4u2.Clixsense3.AdzSeven4.AdzBux5.Adzbazar6.Buxvertise7.Cleverbux8.Clixblue9.Buxten, 10.Clixic11.Lexiadz12.Familyclix13.Grandclick14.Successbux15.Thebuxer16.Gptplanet17.Scarlet-clicks, 18.Yougetprofit, 19.TrafficG, 20.Hitleap, 21.MyPayingAds etc. 

Strategy-1 (Rented Referrals)

The First 10-20 Days:
         If you are new to PTC sites then the first few days are very critical to you. Because most of the users quit the PTC sites during this period (1 to 2 month) because they don’t know 'how to work', they think 'only viewing ads' will make the money. It's absolutely not. 
          You must have patience to make a good income from the PTC site.If you are new to PTC sites then the first few days are very critical to you. Because most of the users quit the PTC sites during this period (1 to 2 month) because they don’t know 'how to work', they think 'only viewing ads' will make the money. It's absolutely not. You must have patience to make a good income from the PTC site.          
          For the first 10-20 days, do the following points:
   1) View all ads daily. You will earn approx. $0.03-$0.06/day.
   2) Earn your first $0.6 (will take 10-20 days).After that you can be able to start renting referrals.
         Note: By completeing offers, you can make $0.6 within 1 or 2 days. If you don’t want to wait and not able to complete offers, you can also invest some dollar in the PTC site to rent referrals. Otherwise, have some patience of 10-20 days and you will achieve your target without any investment. This is a critical and low earning stage. Be confident don't quit.

Rent Referrals:
        1. After earning $0.6. You achieved your first target!! Now you can rent 3 referrals (worth $0.6) for 1 month(30 days).
        2. But the PTC Rules said “If you click at least 4 advertisements, after then you will receive all clicks made by your referrals.”
          3. It means, if you don’t click the 4 ads today, you won’t earn income from your referrals tomorrow.
         4. Rent 3 referrals and make sure all of them are working. If any of them is a bad clicker, get a new one by recycling.
          5. Turn on AutoPay.
         6. If AutoPay is ON, Referrals will pay their ie:rent themselves. You will get one click (approx. $0.005) less from the total earning from an active RR but they will be your referral as long as they are active.
          7. You will receive $0.005 from 1 click of a RR, as a standard member.
     8. Enabling AutoPay is recommended because each day your referrals are active, they pay for themselves to be extended. Thus you don’t need to worry about reserving fund for extension or rerental of your RR.
          9. Also there is a 15% discount in using AutoPay method for extension!!
         10. Assuming your 3 rented referrals are active, you will earn the following:
        »»  3 RR X 4 clicks at $0.005 each = $0.06 / day
        »»  And your earning from clicking ads approx. $0.03-$0.06 / day
        »»  Total daily income="$0.06+($0.03~$0.06)" or approx. $0.1
       11. After one week(1st week), you will be able to rent 3 more referrals and then your total earning from referrals will be approx. $0.12/day and total earning will be approx. $0.16 / day.
       12. After one more week (2nd week), you will have enough money to rent 5 more referrals and your total earning will be approx. $0.26/day.
     13. After one more week (3rd week), you will be able to rent 9 more referrals and thus your total earning will be approx. $0.44/day.
       14. At the end of the next week (4th week), you will have enough to rent 15 more referrals and your total earning will be approx. $0.74/day with 35 total number of rented referrals.
        And so on… Yes it will continue this way and your earning will keep multiplying day by day.
Notes:  » If any rented referral is inactive for 14 days, it will be replaced/recycled with a new one for free (for a standard member). This process is called Auto recycle. You can also recycle any referral any time with a cost of $0.07, if you don’t want to wait for 14 days.
           » Thus continue renting more and more referrals until you reach 300 (Sandard members are only allowed to rent a small amount of referalls ex: 200,300) . It will take some time but have patience!
      300 RRs * 4 RR-clicks at $0.005 per click = Approx. $6 / day……….

Go Golden:
         Now you have 300 referrals. Stop renting and start saving money in your Neobux account until you reach $90 (It will take 15 days only if your earning is $6/day exactly) so that you can upgrade to Golden. Once you go Golden, your earning will double up instantly since the earnings are 2x – 10x for your clicks and referral clicks in Golden Membership!

             » Once you achieve your target of 300 RRs, your approx. earning will be:

     Your earning before Golden:
          300 RRs * 4 RR-clicks at $0.005 / click = $6.00 / day (plus DR-clicks + your own clicks) 
     Your earning after you go Golden:
          300 RRs * 4 RR-clicks at $0.01 / click = $12.00 / day (plus DR-clicks + your own clicks)

Start Renting Again:

       1. Now start renting referrals again until you reach 2000 referrals and try to acquire maximum number of DRs also. Once you reach 2000 RRs, your approx.income will be:
2000 RRs * 4 RR-clicks at $0.01 per RR-click = $80/DAY (plus your DR-clicks + your own clicks).
            2. Now start making cashouts and enjoying your earning!!!
        Note: When you are a Golden member, you will have to view 9 required ads per day instead of 4!

Strategy-2 (Direct Referrals)

         1. This strategy is based on Direct Referrals. You would advertise your referral link provided by the PTC sites and get the direct referrals to earn huge income.
         2. When someone sign up through your referral link, he/she becomes your Direct Referral. Use your referral link to make as many Direct Referral(DR) as possible.
          3. Direct referral are your permanent lifetime referrals who will earn you for lifetime (until they get suspended due to misbehavior or any reason) without paying any rent for them.
         4. You will earn some percentage (different for all PTC sites) of earnings made by your DR’s without affecting the income/earning of your referral.
          5. Your referral will also earn the full income he has made with his own clicks and commission from all the referral he has made. His income/earning will not be affected by your commission in any way.
        6. Then what is wrong in asking someone to become your Direct Referral. Some PTC sites have put limitations on the maximum number of DR’s you can make and some sites allow you to make unlimited DR’s. Try to make as many as allowed.
         7. If you have a big DR’s network on all selected PTC sites, there is no limit to your income. All PTC sites provide some promotional tools/material to make DR’s.
         8. In promotional tools, there are various types of banners(in various sizes) which you can post on various online platforms (like forum, blogs etc.) to attract others to join through your link.
          9. HTML coding (your referral link is hidden in that) of all banners are provided. You can insert that coding easily in your webpage to post banner.
        10. If someone clicks on that banner and signup the site, he/she becomes your Direct Referral. There are various ways of making DR’s. I have described below some selected and mostly used ways:

Blogs And Webpages:

       If you have your own webpage or blog and you have some visitors on that page, you can post your banners with referral links. If it will attracts your visitors then they join your site through your link. It makes you the direct referrals quickly if you have a daily visitors to your website.
        You can create a blog or website on Blogger or Wordpress or Wix or Weebly.... All are great sites and also they are free to create a website or blog. If you don't interest in creating a blog or website then try the splash page.

Splash Page:

         Splash Page is the custom page and it is used for promoting the product or service. It is the promotion page mostly used to getting direct referrals on the PTC Sites. Get Free Splash Page from We design a page for you and you should promote your page and gain referrals to your downline.
         You can also create a page on EMS, Easyhits4u and Buxvertise which is very easy to create and easy to edit and publish. But free splash page always have some limitation. 

       Disadvantage of easyhits4u splash page is heavy weight and it loads slowly and it uses iframe to display "This page is created by Easyhits4u. Create your own Splash Page". The Disadvantage of buxvertise splash page is its only have 5 banner spot. Get Our "PtcSites Splash Page" for free.

Posting In Forums:

         You can post your referral link or banner(with referral link) in various forums to attract other people to join that site. Generally, people post their referral link of one PTC site in forums of other PTC sites because the people who are already working on other PTC sites are actually the potential audience who can join a new PTC site which you are promoting.

Traffic Exchange Sites:

        These sites are the most useful way to get maximum traffic to your blog or referral link. This sites mostly work on 1:1 ratio. By means when you visit one site you have a return one visitor to your site. 
        Advertise your referral link in the Traffic Exchange sites to get the massive traffic to your blog or refferal links.

Paid Ads On PTC Sites:

         You can also buy some ad pack on a PTC site to promote your referral link of other PTC site(if that site is highly profitable for DR’s).

         Some ad packs are like “Paid to Click”, “Banner Ads“, “PTSU Ads”, “Featured Text Ads”, “Featured Link Ads” etc. “Banner Ads” are the most recommended ad packs for promoting referral link because this is very cheap and effective. Click Here to know more about Online Advertising Banners.

Advertise On Popular Sites/Blogs:

            It is the best way to get the tons of direct referrals on any PTC Sites. Some sites like me allow the user to advertise there ref. link in there site. This popular sites have a large number of community around the world.
        Advertise on PTC Sites and get direct referrals is not a profitable way to promote your ref. link. Because the members of the PTC sites are only cliks the ads for the purpose of his earning(ie:to earn $0.001).
       But in the popular Sites/Blogs the users only click your banner if he is interested in that site. Advertising in that sites/blogs is more profitable to you.

             Advertise at homepage. Ads package are starts from $1.

Strategy-3 (RR+DR)

          This strategy concentrates on the Rented and Direct referrals. Rent the maximum Rented referrals in to your account, on the same time put your efforts on making maximum number of Direct Referrals by using various recommended methods as explained in Strategy-2. By following this way, you will definitely get success.
           Combine the above Two Strategies to obtain the maximum income from the PTC sites.

Startegy-4 (Invest Some Money)

          Invest some money on the Trusted PTC sites and speedup the earnings. But don't invest too much money on the one ptc site. 
            Don’t invest on New PTC sites. Most of the New Sites will become scam within 6 months or 1 year... If you invest on scam sites, you will loss your money, time and your work. Ex Scam Sites: useclix, my6clix, buxept, adfiver, littlebux and etc.
              So, Only invest on the trusted and legit PTC's. Before investing on the site Review that site fully. I only recommend Trusted PTC Sites and these sites are profitable to earn money. I suggest 20 Trusted PTC Sites. You can find it on PtcSites homepage.

Strategy-5 (Follow Someone's Experience)

    Follow someone's guidelines is the best way to achieve in the PTC Business. Because using someone's(successful people) experience will also lead you to the successful way.
         Get the "1Week Strategy=To Make $100 Daily" with your own preference and make more than $500 a day. To get that strategy click here

Instruction Notes:

        1. Any of the PTC site is not get you rich quickly, but you can earn a good income. All of your RRs will not be fully active with 4 clicks daily. Some will give more clicks and some will give less clicks.. But obviously, you will earn good income from the PTC sites, if you follow this strategy...
         2. When your referrals average goes down, don’t get disappointed. Try to find out the solution.
         3. Do not violate any TOS. Read carefully Terms of Service (TOS) laws and FAQ of the site.
         4. Post your problems on Forum if you need any help.
       5. If you have any problems or quarries in that site, open a support ticket and request for a solution from the Admin of the ptc site.