PTC Introduction - How To Make Money With PTC Sites

1. What Is PTC Sites?
 PTC means Paid To Click sites. These sites provide an easiest way to those persons who wants to earn money online without investment. PTC is an online business platform that connects advertisers and consumers.
        On PTC websites, the advertisers pay money for displaying their ads and the people as members on that PTC sites, earn money by viewing those ads for a few seconds. PTC sites are free to join. Everyone can register today and start earning money without any specific skill.
          PTC sites are used Part-Time Job to Make Money Online in the Home. This PTC work is mostly suitable for the students and housewife's.

2.How It Works?
         Advertisers pay money to PTC sites to show their ads, so that they will get some traffic to their blog or websites. It is not only for website traffic and also mostly used for advertise their products on the internet. If you click and view that ads you will earn money.
          Basically these sites works as a mediator between the advertisers and the viewers as you are viewing their advertisement they will give you a share in their profit which will varies form site to site.
3. The Basic Requirement For Work From Home
           1) A computer with an Internet connection
           2) A Bank account  in your name.
 3) An account in paypal or payza(To withdraw Earnings).

4. Paypal A/C Opening
     For opening PayPal Account following these steps:

     1) Go to PayPal home page.
     2) On the home page, click the sign up button to get started.

 3) On the new page Specify your country and then choose ‘Personal account’ and click  ‘Get Started’. You can anytime upgrade your account from Personal to Business or Premier account.
 4) On the next page, enter your personal information and click the ‘Agree and Create Account’.
 5) For Indian customers you must provide a PAN details to create a account in PayPal. The PAN card name must match with your Bank Account name and PayPal account name.
 6) To get your PayPal account verified, it is mandatory to link/add your bank account or debit/credit card with PayPal. This will remove limits from your account and you will be able to make unlimited transaction through your PayPal account.

 7) You also need to verify your email address in order to use your PayPal account. On your ‘Account Overview’ page, click ‘Confirm email address’. After this, your PayPal registration is complete.

5. How To Earn Money With This Method?
 Step 1- Click here Only-Top-Trusted PTC Sites
 Step 2- Open this link in a new window and register on the Trusted PTC Sites. Fill up your information details. Next, check your email to confirm your account.
 Step 3- Once your account will be verified, then log into the site by using your username and password.
 Step 4- Every site has an option, view ads or view advertisements and click on it. You will see the ads. Click on the ads one by one.
 Step 5- Once you click the ad, an advertisement page will be opened. Stay there until the timer will end.
 Step 6-  Advertisements will be added to your account every 24 hours. So, you must log into your site every single day to view the ads.
6.How & How Much can be Earned?
       The only way to success in PTC work is based on the no. of Referrals and Right Strategy. Most of the people leave this profitable business in few days just because they earn less money in starting. 

         Such people are fools because they don’t know the real potential of this online business. People who are successful in this business have enough patience and right strategy. They really earn a lot with their full dedication.

       1) Suppose you registered on 50 PTC sites as a standard (free) member and you click 4 ads ($0.005 value) on each PTC site daily, then you will have: (without Referrals) 
        »»  4 x $0.005 = $0.02 (daily income from 1 PTC site)
        »»  50 x $0.02 = $1 (daily income from 50 PTC sites)
        »»  30 x $1 = $30 (monthly income from 50 PTC sites)
         As you see, you can earn $30 monthly without any investment and just by spending 50–60 minutes daily.

(i) For members who have 100 Referrals in Standard Membership
         Your click earnings: 4 ads x $0.005 = $ 0.02 /day
         Your referral click earnings: 100 x 4 ads x $0.005= $ 2 / day
         Your total earnings per day per site = $ 2.02 / day
         Your monthly earnings per site = 30 x $ 2.02 = $ 60
    This $60 is the Money Earning from the ' Only One PTC site'.

(ii) For the 50 PTC sites earning will be
         Your click earnings: 50 x 4 ads x $0.005 = $1 /day
         Your referral click earnings: 50 x 100 x 4 ads x $0.005= $100 / day
         Your total earnings per day for 50 sites = $ 101
         Your monthly earnings for 50 sites = 30 x $ 101 = $ 3030
       2) Suppose you registered on 100 PTC sites as a standard (free) member and you click 4 ads ($0.005 value) on each PTC site daily, then you will have: (without Referrals) 
        »»  4 x $0.005 = $0.02 (daily income from 1 PTC site)
        »»  100 x $0.02 = $2 (daily income from 100 PTC sites)
        »»  30 x $2 = $60 (monthly income from 100 PTC sites)

(i)  For members who have 100 Referrals in Standard Membership
          Your click earnings: 4 ads x $0.005 = $ 0.02 /day
          Your referral click earnings: 100 x 4 ads x $0.005= $ 2 / day
          Your total earnings per day per site = $ 2.02 / day
          Your monthly earnings per site = 30 x $ 2.02 = $60
   This $60 is the Money Earning from the ' Only One PTC site'.

(ii) For the 100 PTC sites earning will be
          Your click earnings: 100 x 4 ads x $0.005 = $ 2 /day
          Your referral click earnings: 100 x 100 x 4 ads x $0.005= $50 / day
          Your total earnings per day for 100 sites = $ 202
          Your monthly earnings for 100 sites = 30 x $ 202 = $ 6060
7. How to Increase Your Earnings in PTC SITES?
         You can not increase your earning by spending more time on PTC sites because ads are limited and there is no way to view more number of ads than what site is providing. But there are 3 solid ways to multiply your income from PTC sites.
        1. By viewing all the ads daily. Make it a habit to view the ads everyday at a fixed time.
        2. PTC business mainly depends on the number of referrals (Direct Referrals & Rented Referrals) . You will earn part of the income from each & every referral & multiply your income very high.
        3. By taking their premium membership.This way, you will receive double commission for viewing the ads and also you will receive double commission when your referral view the ads.
        4. Using the best strategy is the key to earn a affortable income from the PTC Sites. I suggest you to take this  "1Week strategy="To" Make $100 daily".
        5. Using this strategy you can make a stable Lifelong income from the PTC Sites.
8. Precausions About PTC Sites:
     » Join all sites listed in Trusted & Legit 100 Ptc Sites " using same email address and username is recommended.
        » Use same passwords for all PTC sites ( For Easy Login ). But it is not a secure method.
        » Don't click on two Advertisements simultaneously in a Website.
        » Don't try to open more than one Account on a Computer & Internet Connection. Your all accounts on this PTC will be blocked.
         » Don't try to use any automated software for clicking the links on the PTC site.
       » Do not invest at the beginning itself, join as a Free member and work for sometime.  Get your first payment and invest these amount to upgrade, Earn even more.

Scam Sites :
     1. Daily, New PTC sites are created but it is not easy to identify (specially for New people in this industry) which site is trustworthy and which is a scam.
         2. Scam sites are those which never pay. These kinds of websites just cheat people and do not process any cashout requests. There are also some sites in market which pay in beginning to gain the trust of people and then collect a lot of fund from them by giving some promotional offers or discount, and then immediately stop paying and go scam.
        3. The older PTC sites are more trustworthy but there are also some new trusted sites that you can make money from.
         4.I have listed some trusted and profitable sites on  the Trusted PTC Sites page on this site. Click here to visit.

What Are GPT Sites?

        GPT stands for "Get Paid To."  These sites allows its members to earn money by completing surveys, signing up for websites, shopping online, and even playing games. Companies are looking for people to try their services and products. Advertising companies pay the GPT sites, which in turn, pay their members a portion .  Most of these offers take only a few minutes.  If you can spare the time, this can definitely earn you a nice amount of money in a short time.
       Ex.: ClixsenseDonkeymailsGptPlanet and etc...

What Are PTR Sites?
       PTR stands for "Paid To Read."  PTR sites are websites that build a list of members and offer advertising packages. Advertisers that like to advertise their products come to these sites and for a small price they can reach out the members of that site via emails.
       Ex.: DonkeymailsMyFreeSharesNo-Minimum and etc.

What Are Traffic Exchange Sites?
      Traffic Exchanges work on a simple principle of exchanging page views. The rewards on traffic exchanges are cash and credits to your website. When you enter into traffic exchange you can earn cash and credits by visiting other members websites for a specific time.
        You can view the website one after other. That's how you earn cash and credits. Then you can use those credits to bring traffic to your website. Your website will be viewed by other members for free and you will earn some extra cash.
       Ex.: Easyhits4u, TrafficGTrafficSwarmTrafficswirlHitLeap and etc...

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