-->1. Splash Page is the custom page and it is used for promoting the product or service. It is the promotion page mostly used to get direct referrals on the PTC Sites. If you want to make good income from the PTC sites then you must have an active downline with the number of referrals. 
-->2. Getting direct referrals is not an easy task without a good website or blog. To create a high quality blog or website it takes about 6 months to 1 year to get a page rank on google and alexa. For instead of this you can instantly use a Splash Page to promote your PTC sites. 
-->3. The efficiently designed splash page would really give you an unlimited referrals. Get the "Splash Page" for free and build your referrals. The Splash page is just like the PtcSites homepage. You can always edit your splash page. Just Fill the below "Splash Page Form" with your Referral links and we will create a splash page for you.
-->4. We only design Splash Pages for you and we will not generate traffic to your page. Splash page is just like your own website. You must be promote your own page to get the referrals. Share your Splash Page link in the social media's and you will get visitors and also you could advertise your splash page on the PTC sites.
-->5. You can always track your visitors and page views statistics through your splash page. Each splash page have a separate 2 counters. They are Global Counter and Total Page Views counter. By this 2 counters you can easily track your page performance. Get this "Free Splash Page ".

You Splash Page URL: "www.ptcsites.in/username.html"

Advantages of our Splash Page:

    1. Free. No cost.
    2. Attractive design.
    3. Advertise upto 30 banners.
    4. Easily Track your Page performance.
    5. Onpage Statistics with 2 counters.
    6. Global, Visitor and Page views counter.
    7. Unique username for your Splash Page.
    8. Always edit your Splash page by filling the form.
    9. 24 hours support

Your Splash Page just like this

Ex. Splash-Page:  www.ptcsites.in/asaran.html

Splash Page Ad spots:

        1. 468*60   Banners - 20 spots

                (Top 10 PTC Sites & Best 10 PTC Sites)

        2. 150*150 Banners - 10 spots

                (Top 5 TE Sites & Top 5 PTP Sites)


        1. 468*60 Banners - 10 spots on the "Top PTC Sites-2017".

        2. Other slots are filled by ptcsites.in

        3. You can anytime update your Free Splash Page to Silver and Golden Page.


        1. 468*60 Banners - 20 spots.

        2. You ads at "Top PTC Sites-2017" and "Best PTC Sites-2017"

        3. 20 Banners Splash Page  - Cost $2/year


        1. Full Page Customization.

        2. 468*60   Banners - 20 spot

        3. 150*150 Banners - 10 spots

        4. 30 Banners Splash Page  - Cost  $4/year


-->1. For Free Splash Page fill the form with your referral link and it doesn't require any Transaction ID. But if you want a premium splash page then buy the Splash Page from paypal or instomojo and fill the form with your Transaction ID.
-->2. Silver and Golden Splash Page form only accepted if it has a valid Transaction ID from Paypal or instomojo. Transaction ID will available on the payment service when you finish the checkout.
-->3. While filling the form for Silver Splash Page submit your 10 Referral links in the PTC Ref-Links(1-10) and add your another 10 Ref. links in the message field. For Golden Splash Page submit your 10 Referral links in the PTC Ref-Links(1-10) and add your another 20 Ref. links in the message field. After then submit the form...


Buy With PayPal (All over the world)


Buy With Debit Card & Net Banking (For India)

          Accepted visa, master and Rupay card of all mojar indian banks includes sbi, hdfc, icici, yes bank, axis, indian bank, kvb and etc.

        1.Silver  Page - Rs.150/- only

        2.Golden Page - Rs.300/- only