-->1. Traffic Rotator is another one of our free service. It gives you an unique Rotator url for instead of all of your referral links. A Rotator link is just like a container for all of your referral links. It act as randomizing the webpage of your referral links on each views to your rotator  link. 

-->2. When people visits your Rotator link it shows one of the page of your referral links from the rotator. You can be able to add unlimited url's to our Traffic Rotator.

-->3. Ex.: If you add 10 ref. links to your rotator and when a visitor visits your rotator url it shows the page from one of the referral links. For each visits on the rotator url shows the one of your webpages listed on the rotator. It is easy to promote your referral links with the one link instead of all links.
-->4. The Traffic Rotator should really give you an unlimited referrals if you advertise your rotator url efficiently. Get the "Traffic Rotator" for free and build your referrals. You can always edit and change your rotator links. Just Fill the below "Traffic Rotator Form" with your Referral links and we will create a Rotator for you.
-->5. We only create Rotator for you and we will not generate any visits or traffic to your Rotator. You must be promote your Rotator to get referrals. Share your Rotator link in the social media's and anywhere you want to promote.

-->6And also you could advertise your Rotator link on the PTC sites and Traffic Exchange sites instead of purchasing whole ad package for one referral link you can use your Rotator-Link. It splits your website views to all of your referral links. For example if you got 1000 visits to your Rotator-Link which having 10 referral links then your each referral links will get averagely 100 visits.

-->7. The main advantage of the Rotator was you don't be create numerous ads campaign and assign credits to them. Just create a one ad campaign with your Rotator-Link it shows all of your Referral links. 

-->8. You can add unlimited links to your Rotator.

Your Rotator URL:

Advantages of our Traffic Rotator:

    1. Free. No cost.
    2. Fast Loading.
    3. Add Unlimited Links.
    4. Unique link with your username.
    5. Always edit your Rotator.
    6. 24 hours support


       If you want a Rotator with 10 Ref. links then fill the form with your 10 ref links and submit it. But if you want more the 10 links on your Rotator then simply add your links in the message field and submit the form. Our Rotator needs minimum 3 links to start suffle and maximum unlimited links will be added.

        (i.e): If you want a Rotator with 20 Referral links then fill the form with your 10 Ref. links in the field of PTC Ref-Links(1-10) and submit your another 10 ref links in the message field. After then submit the form...